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Article III: Membership


Section 1. Institutional Membership.

1.1 Institutional membership shall be carried in the name of the Dean or Director of the Continuing Education Division or any other such person who may be designated by a Louisiana institution of higher learning as its continuing education representative. Member institutions must be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, or be designated as an institution of higher education as by the Louisiana Board of Regents.

1.2 Institutional membership entitles the institution to cast one vote on matters requiring an institutional vote. 


Section 2. Associate Membership.

2.1 Memberships shall be open to all continuing education administrators and all persons employed within the fields of continuing education, outreach, and workforce development.

2.2 Associate membership entitles the individual to hold office in the organization and to vote in constituency and committee meetings.  


Section 3. Affiliate Membership

3.1 Affiliate membership is open to employees of Louisiana public agencies and departments or higher education-related associations which have an interest in continuing education.

3.2 Affiliate membership entitles the individual to serve on committees and to vote in committee meetings.


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