Louisiana Association for Continuing Education


Approved 5/3/07 at the Annual Meeting 

Article I. Committees 

Section 1. The Association shall have several standing committees. Membership and terms of service of all committees are subject to the review and approval of the Board of Directors.

1.1  A Membership Committee will recruit new institutional and associate members from institutions of higher education within the state of Louisiana. The Secretary of the Association will serve as an ex-officio member of the committee.  

1.2  A Program Committee will plan, organize, and recommend to the Board of Directors the program for each Association conference, in cooperation with the host institution. The Vice-President of the Association shall serve as an ex-officio member of the committee.

1.3   The Nominations Committee shall be charged with preparation of a slate of nominees for the positions of Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Members-at-Large of the Association. The Nominations Committee will be chaired by the Immediate Past-President of the Association, and shall be composed of past-presidents of the Association.

1.4   An Information Resources Committee shall be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of information resources for the benefit of the membership, with the guidance of the Board of Directors. At least one Member-at-Large will serve as an ex-officio member of the committee. 

Section 2. The Board of Directors may establish and charge additional standing or special committees or task forces to carry out the functions of the Board of Directors or the Association beyond the purview of the existing standing committees of the Association. 

Section 3. Each committee should elect a recorder to record the minutes of meetings and activities of the committee and shall make an annual report of activities, either at the annual meeting, or as requested by the Board.  

Section 4. A quorum for any committee or task force meeting shall be a majority of the appointed members of the committee. 

Section 5. Voting on all matters that may be considered at a committee or task force meeting of the Association may be properly conducted by any appropriate method that provides equivalent opportunity of access to all committee members. 

Article II. Meetings 

Section 1. The time and the place of each Association meeting shall be determined by the Board of Directors, with notice thereof given to the Association membership not less than thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting date. One of the Association meetings to be held annually shall be designated the Annual Business Meeting.

1.1  The location of the Association meetings will be varied to encourage attendance from institutions in the different regions of the state.

1.2  Institutional representatives, or their designees, present at a properly scheduled business meeting shall constitute a quorum.

1.3  Constitutional and Bylaws amendments and assessment or alteration of dues may only be considered at the Annual Business Meeting of the Association. 

Article III. Dues 

Section 1. Institutional Membership dues will be assessed at the direction of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall submit a dues schedule for all categories of membership for the next fiscal year at the Annual Business Meeting. Approval shall require a favorable vote of a majority of institutional members or their designees present and voting. 

Section 2. Associate membership dues shall be included in the registration fee for Association meetings.  

Article III. Dissolution 

The Association may be dissolved or merged with another similar organization conducting substantially the same activities, upon approval of a plan of dissolution adopted by a two-thirds vote of the institutional membership of the Association. Such a plan of dissolution shall provide for the complete payment and discharge of all Association obligations before disposition of net assets, which may either be distributed equally among all member institutions (in the event of dissolution), or transferred to the newly formed organization (in the event of a merger) in a manner consistent with furthering the aims of the organization enumerated in the LACHE constitution. 

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