Aims and Objectives:

The aims and objectives of this association shall be:


1.1. To emphasize the importance of continuing higher education and lifelong learning.


1.2. To promote high standards of professional excellence in the conduct of college-based lifelong learning programs.


1.3. To sponsor research on problems of continuing education and support research efforts of members.


1.4. To provide for the interchange of information and ideas.


1.5. To enlist the support of higher education for the continuing learning endeavors of individuals.


1.6. To stimulate faculty and administration leadership in constructive support of continuing education objectives.


1.7. To focus public attention upon and encourage acceptance and understanding of the importance of continuing higher education.


1.8. To conduct meetings and other activities beneficial to the members.


1.9. To cooperate with governing bodies, other groups and organizations in the achievement of these goals.



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